Job Embedded Professional Development and Collaborative Planning


Our educational foundation is committed to improve the teaching and learning taking place at Seven Locks Elementary School every day.  Research demonstrates one important component to improving student learning and achievement is job embedded professional development and collaborative planning.

Job embedded professional development and collaborative planning permits educators to increase their skill sets by providing much needed materials and support.  Extra resources and funds would allow teachers more time for in-depth planning to develop creative strategies to accommodate the diversity of learners in their classrooms. It would also permit teachers to observe master teachers within our walls or at other schools to experience a variety of effective teaching strategies and techniques.  Funds provided by the Seven Locks Educational Foundation could also supply materials to establish an educational book club for our educators or cover fees for teacher conferences.

The Seven Locks Educational Foundation is committed to working in conjunction with the principal to ensure that funds are used to have the greatest impact on teaching and learning which will benefit all of our students.

One of our major funding expenses for the 2013-2014 and for the 2014-2015 school year has been for professional development and data chats.  This has resulted in teachers using the time to plan for additional programs such as STEM projects, receive training for Junior Great Books, review student data through data chats and planning intervention and/or enrichment opportunities for students.

Here are some ways teachers feel students have benefitted:

“The SLES Foundation funding has allowed our first grade team to dive into quarterly curriculum planning in a meaningful way.

“In-depth study has allowed us to develop lessons that fit our students.”

“We have been able to maximize our small group instruction time and target areas of growth.”

“This time has been of tremendous value.”

“We have also been able to use this time to adapt/create lesson resources that best meet the needs of our students.”

“This time allows us to identify both areas of strength and need for all children. As a result of this, we are able to put necessary interventions in place and make recommendations for continued success.”photo 3 (20)LT6 LT7