Projects and Funding


The SLESEF is proud to provide support and funding for projects and programs that would otherwise not be available to Seven Locks students and teachers and students.  Recent projects, funding, and activities include:

  • Mini-Grants 2017/18

    This year’s mini-grants went to Mrs. El-Haggan, Mrs. Pomerenk, and Mrs. Steinberg.

    -Mrs. El-Haggan, a fourth-grade teacher, received a mini-grant to start a pilot project creating ‘Universally Design for Learning’ or UDL. Implementing UDL takes time, but one simple way to start is by providing flexible seating options for students, thereby enhancing engagement and performance.

    -Mrs. Pomerenk, our Reading Initiative teacher for grade 1 and 2, received a mini-grant for iPads for students to use during reading instructions. Using targeted apps on the iPads helps students to build reading skills.

    -Mrs. Steinberg, the school counselor, received a mini-grant for an online ‘Mindfulness’ resource program called Mind Yeti®. This program can be used by Mrs. Steinberg and all Seven Locks teachers with groups of students or individual children to teach kids how to build mindfulness and regulate their emotions and focus.

  • Mini-Grants 2016/17

    Three Mini-Grants were offered to Ms. Schmidt (media specialist) and Ms. Barringer (1st-grade teacher).

    – Ms. Schmidt was offered a mini-grant which added eighty Capstone E-book titles to the SLES Media Center collection. The response to our new E-book collection has been tremendous, both students and teachers enjoy using the new materials in the classroom.

    – Also, the SLES media center now has a “Makerspace.”  A Makerspace is an area which allows students to create, craft, explore, problem solve, collaborate and develop new skills.

    -The ‘VersaTiles Math Classroom Kit’ uniquely designed to reinforce skill with specific activities allowing the teacher to differentiate their classroom instructions.  Ms. Barringer and other first grade teachers can use this set for independent math and reading learning centers.

  • The Collaborative Planning days’ support for our teachers

    Through Foundation support, all of the grade level teams at SLES were provided with additional time to plan instruction, review student work, analyze student performance, and make necessary adjustments to curriculum and teaching methods.  Research has shown that providing teams of teachers with time to do this critical work is directly linked to increases in student achievement.  SLES teachers use the extra time very efficiently and work to meet the needs of every student. Through supporting collaborative time for teams, the Foundation is having a direct impact on the quality of instruction in SLES classrooms!

  • Textbooks and Technology Upgrades 
    Additional books and materials for students that aid teaching of reading and mathematics.The Foundation is proud to have purchased books and other reading materials for the school media center and for use in guided reading instruction.

  • The maintenance of our award-winning curriculum-enhancing conservation educational garden for all to enjoy and learn from. The garden is not simply an aesthetic improvement. Children of all grades have used the gardens in their curricular studies as it is composed of native plants that provide important habitat (for breeding and food) for wildlife, such as goldfinches and butterflies. The gardens also reduce rain runoff, pollution, and is a wonderful resource to learn about conservation gardening!

  • Canal Project
    Unique programming including in-house and outside field trips for all grades (The C&O Canal Collaborative Educational Experiences)

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In addition to commitments to current, ongoing projects, the Foundation has identified some possible exciting future projects and directions.