Projects and Funding


The SLESEF is proud to provide support and funding for projects and programs for the 2014-2015 school year that would otherwise not be available to Seven Locks students and teachers and students.  Recent projects, funding, and activities include:

  • Mini-Grants for Teachers

  • Job Embedded Professional Development

  • Textbooks and Technology Upgrades. Additional books and materials for students that aid teaching of reading and mathematics. The Foundation is proud to provide the funding to significantly expand our Junior Great Books and William and Mary Series libraries. In addition, math intervention kits were purchased to allow ALL grades the access to an effective program of supplemental mathmatics instruction.

  • Installation and maintenance of our award-winning curriculum-enhancing conservation educational garden for all to enjoy and learn from. The garden is not simply an asthetic improvement. Children of all grades have used the gardens in their curricular studies as it is composed of native plants that provide important habitat (for breeding and food) for wildlife, such as goldfinchs and butterflies. The gardens also reduce rain runoff, pollution, and is a wonderful resource to learn about conservation gardening!

  • Canal Project

  • Unique programming including in-house and outside field trips for all grades (The C&O Canal Collaborative Educational Experiences)

One of our major funding expenses for the 2013-2014 and 2014-2015 school years has been for professional development and data chats.  This has resulted in teachers using the time to plan for additional programs such as STEM projects, receive training for Junior Great Books, review student data through data chats and planning intervention and/or enrichment opportunities for students.

Click here to read what teachers have been saying about the impact of this funding!

In addition to committments to current, ongoing projects, the Foundation has identified some possible exciting future projects and directions.